Have Faith & Let Go of The Unnecessary

by Grace Brooke

Let Go 1

It’s a constant process to learn to let go of things in your life that does not serve you.  Be it things, relationships, thoughts or attitudes.  These are all things that weigh us down and keep clutter in our lives.  I believe that by letting go of anything that doesn’t have a purpose in my life, I’m not only freeing up the clutter, but actually allowing the things that I desire and am passionate about to manifest.  

By definition, faith is believing and trusting in things unseen or not proven.  I believe that there is power in believing, knowing, trusting, having faith that things will work out.  There is power in positive thinking!  Why put out needless stress and worry about things that are out of your control?  Does that really serve you well?  No.  Worry and stress is your minds clutter and it takes away your joy and your peace.  You don’t have to always have it figured out for it to work out. 

Try a new motto this year, not just a new resolution and believe, have faith that it will serve you well.  Write it down on paper or on a post it and place it on your fridge or your bathroom mirror.  Be intentional in your thoughts and affirm it daily!  You can be successful and attain your goals without all the worry.  Learn to also be selective in what you allow in your life.  Don’t let go of one thing and add another bad habit or thought.  Let go of the things outside of your control and approach the things you can control with a greater sense of empowerment.  Say “I CAN!  And I will because I say so!”  What a cleansing process this can be.  To release yourself of bad habits or thoughts, worry and stress are just as necessary as the physical clutter in our lives. 

Let go and have faith!  Everything will be ok. Trust the process.

Happy Organizing!

Faith in the Absence of Control 1

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